Americana Accents

Primitive Americana craft using hearts and stars. An easy to make patriotic craft project in wood for your wall.

Americana Accents

Designed by:
Country Thoughts
by Jodi Gadoury


Please read all instructions before starting this craft project, important tips given!

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 I get all my wood at a lumberyard. It is pine and rough on one side. If you are unable to get this wood just use the roughest available to you or smooth pine. If smooth pine is used stain all edges very heavy. Plywood or luaun is also used.

Cutting the Wood: 
Follow pattern sheet for wood type. Heart box star is a solid cut. For Americana Box - cut 3 stars - one in the direction shown and 2 others in the reverse direction. Also, add a center cut through these stars. Center plaques for both projects are 5 1/2" x 23". All frame pieces are 1 1/4" thick. Lengths for framework are 7" long and 25" long (2 of each for each project). A spacer is also needed for the heart box. This piece is made from 1" x 2" plywood. This spacer will not be seen after assembly and needs no finish work at all.

Different pieces and chunked at different times through these projects. Read through before starting each design. Some pieces are chunked before and some are chunked after they are painted. To chunk the edges, adjust your scroll saw blade as if you were going to cut a thick piece of wood. The goal is to chunk off the straight edge on all front sides. Tilt your wood and run your piece down the blade trimming as much or as little of the edges off as you like. If some areas are hard to reach just sand the edges very heavy. Stars and center backing are chunked after they are painted. Heart is chunked first then painted. Framework has special instructions (see below).

Delta Ceramcoat.  When painting on rough wood do not saturate wood with paint. You can use a household brush or roller. All edges are also painted.

Trail Tan, Oyster White, Midnight Blue, Barn Red, and Dark Burnt Umber. Americana stars are based with  Oyster White first then blue and red are added. Lightly sand allowing white to come through other colors.

Stain all painted surfaces with Minwax Early American stain.  Lightly go over top surface with stain then darker on front sanded edges.

Always use photo for placement. Your plaques at this point should be painted chunked then stained. The framework is base coated on inside edge only at this point (edge going against plaque). I have sketched out an example of your framework See piece B of pattern pieces above. Add each frame piece as shown with wood glue and screws. As you can see from the sketch, each frame piece is a little longer than what you need. After adding all four pieces, trim excess and finish by chunking edges on the outside of frame. Paint front and side of frame, then sand edges very heavy. Remove excess dust from project after sanding. Stain back, sides and front portion of framework.

Additional antiquing is needed for these pieces. I use Down Home Brown by Folk Art. You will need a sponge brush and rag. Pick up quite a bit of antique with sponge brush and apply to the inside of frame and plaque. With a rag, remove the excess leaving edges very dark and the center a little lighter.

Star Box:
The first and third stars are going in the same direction and the center one is opposite. These stars should fit together like a puzzle when gluing them in place on the plaque. Speckle with paint and add a saw tooth hangar.

Heart Box:
Use wood glue and screws to add heart to plaque. The spacer will be added next. Using wood glue, add spacer to center of heart topped with star accent. Allow to dry thoroughly. Cut a fairly long piece of 16 gauge wire and wrap around the star. Speckle with paint and add saw tooth hanger.



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