Angel Ornament Pattern

Angel Ornament
Angel Ornament Pattern

Angel Ornament to Make

Wooden Angel:

Cut pattern from 3/4" pine if the angel will be standing or 1/2" plywood if you are making a angel that will hang.

For the base of a standing angel, cut a piece of plywood about 10 1/2" by 4" to be the base. Sand all pieces

Using carbon paper, transfer the lines of the pattern on to the wood. Paint with your choice of acrylic paint.

Suggestions -

Add glitter to the wings or use glitter paint when painting.

Use blush or a pale pink for the angel's cheeks.

If hanging, when finished drill a hole in the top of the head. String the wire through it and loop the wire.

Other Angel Crafts Besides Wood:

There are many other ways to make this angel besides out of wood. Cut the basic shape out of cardstock, cut the clothes and hair out of felt and glue on or use paints.

Or just print the pattern and the angel can be a coloring project for your kids.

Use as a decoration. Add To: and From: on the angels robe and attach to Christmas presents. Punch a hole in the top and attach a gold ribbon or embroidery floss.