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Christmas Crafts Chunky Scarecrow

contributed by BEE'IN CREATIVE with Mis

2x4 scrap piece about 7" long, 1/4" birch or plywood, raffia, homespun fabric, spanish moss, nails, wood glue, hot glue, Antique oak stain and acrylic spray sealer.

Cutting Instructions:
Cut scarecrow body from 2x4. Cut the arms, legs, crow and hat brim from 1/4" wood. Sand all edges until smooth.

Painting Instructions:
Rookwood Red (Americana)..........Shirt & sleeves Red Iron Oxide (Americana)...........Nose Honey Brown (Americana)..........Hat & brim Lamp Black (Americana)..........Crow & shading around shoes Buttermilk (Americana)..........Dots in eyes, highlight on shoes Midnight Blue (Ceramcoat)..........Pants & overalls Medium Flesh (Ceramcoat)..........Face & hands Burgundy Rose (Ceramcoat)..........Dry brush for cheeks Trail Tan (Ceramcoat)..........Lines for plaiding shirt Dk Burnt Umber (Ceramcoat)..........Shoes & dots for eyes. Autumn Brown (Ceramcoat)..........Shading around eyes.

Paint all wood pieces as indicated above. To get shaded look on my pieces I dip flat brush in water and tap off excess water slightly. Then dip corner of brush in Autumn Brown (unless otherwise indicated) and paint the edge where you want it shaded. I then use my finger to tone it down and blend it.

Detail pieces as follows: Hat, brim, hands and face - shade around edges with Autumn brown. Blush cheeks with stencil brush, making sure to wipe off most of the paint onto a paper towel so you don't get them to bright! Paint nose on. Paint eyes and add a small dot in the upper right corner with Buttermilk. Shirt - plaid shirt by painting a thick line followed by a thin thin line beside it. Shoes - Shade around edges with Dk Burnt Umber. Then add a scuff of Buttermilk on each shoe as a highlight. Sand the edges of all pieces for a worn look. Antique all pieces. Splatter with Dk Burnt Umber by thinning with a few drops of water. I use an old toothbrush for this.

With wood glue, glue legs and arms in correct place. Cut a few pieces of raffia lay on hat so the end will be glued underneath the hat brim. Glue crow on hat brim. Hot glue a little spanish moss under the crow. You may want to nail the hat brim or any other pieces for a more secure hold. Spray with sealer and tie a homespun tie around his neck.

Now this cute little guy is ready to sit anywhere to help decorate for the Autumn Season!