Corner Santa Craft Pattern

The holidays are sneaking up fast - make this wonderful free Christmas craft idea for a Santa that will perch on your door molding.

Free craft ideas - Corner Santa craft pattern


Click Here for Pattern 1
Click Here for Pattern 2
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Delta Ceramcoat Paint
Light Ivory
Medium Flesh
Liquid Stain - Fruitwood

1/2" wood button for nose
Muslin - 1/2" yd.
Scraps of material
Garland scrap
Hot Glue
pine wood



Using Patterns A and B, cut santa and his hands out of wood - 1/4" wood if possible for the hands. You will need to tape pattern pieces A and B together where indicated. Transfer the pattern lines to the wood. Paint the hands black. Paint santa Maroon, Light Ivory or White and Medium Flesh where indicated. Paint the wood button with Medium Flesh. Spackle (using old toothbrush) with watered down Light Ivory paint. Rub stain lightly on all surfaces including the button.


Hot glue the nose onto santa where indicated in the pattern. Using a toothpick or stylus (or even the handle end of a paintbrush) and black paint, make 2 dots for the eyes. Use a little blush on each cheek.


Cut 8 pieces 3" x 8" out of muslin. Stack them on top of each other and sew about 1/2" in along the 3" side. Cut 6 or 7 strips along the 8" side stopping close to where you stitched. Tea-dye the beard (Tea dying: use about 3 cups of boiling water, add 4 teabags for about 10 minutes. Remove the teabags and put the beard in the hot tea water. Let sit for 30 minutes or longer. Remove beard from tea water, rinse under the faucet until it runs clear, and wring the beard out. Put in dryer and dry completely) Fold the sewn part under and run a line of hot glue on the stitching. Glue to wood along the white line of painted beard under the nose.


Nail or staple the hands onto Santa (see picture for placement). Tie a knot in the center of a 4" x 3/4" piece of material. Bend a 3" piece of garland in half. Hot glue the knot of the material onto garland at the bend. Glue a button on the knot of the material.