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contributed by Jodi Gadoury
** Country Thoughts **

Note: Pattern pieces 1 , 2, 2 & 4 are too large to fit on an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper. You will need to print out the bottom pieces and join them together to make full size patterns. Match up colored circles.


I get all my wood at a lumberyard. It is pine and rough on one side. If you are unable to get this wood just use the roughest available to you or smooth pine. If smooth pine is used stain all
edges very heavy. 1/4" luaun or plywood is also used.

Cutting the Wood:

Follow pattern sheet for wood type. After cutting you will "chunk' the edges on all pine pieces and plywood wings. Stars and wings will be painted first then chunked after. Adjust your blade as if you were going to cut a thick piece of wood. The goal is to chunk off the straight edge on all front sides. Tilt your wood and run your piece down the blade trimming as much or as little of the edges off as you like. If you find some areas hard to reach just sand very heavily.

Delta Ceramcoat. When painting on rough wood do not saturate wood with paint. You can use a household brush or roller. All edges are painted.

Colors: Quaker Gray, Medium Flesh, Midnight Blue, Barn Red, Oyster White and Dark Umber.

Sand painted surface lightly and very heavily on all edges. Stain back and sides with Minwax Early American stain. Lightly go over top surface with stain then darker on front sanded edges.

Always use photo for placement. I highly recommend using a carpenter square when adding wings. This will help to line up the wings and body so that they are straight. Use wood glue
and several screws to secure wings in place on back of body. The wings will be holding the body sections together at the top. Cut a long piece of 16 gauge wire to secure the bottom of angel. Weave this one piece of wire throughout drilled holes to secure all sections. Twist and curl wire as you go along to give it a primitive look. Add stars to wings with wood glue and screws.

Align crown to top of head hiding pointed section on body unit. The points are there for added security of crown. Gluing the crown in place with wood glue is the only way to secure it since it is so thin. Wood glue plywood neck section in place. Finish by
speckling project with dark umber paint. Add sawtooth hanger to back.