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Christmas Crafts Snow Buddies

contributed by Country Thoughts



1.  Cut all wood according to pattern sheet.  Thickness and type of wood is listed on each piece.

2. Paints: Delta Ceramcoat.  When painting on rough wood do not saturate wood with paint.

Colors:  Antique White, Sonoma Wine, Raw Sienna, Terra Cotta, Black

3.  Sand painted surface lightly and very heavily on all edges.

4.  Stain back and sides with Minwax Early American stain. 
Lightly go over top surface with stain then darker on front sanded edges.

5.  Use wood glue and screws to add bodies to bases, then continue to add accents:

Grapevine:  Use any size grapevine wreath and cut a few clippings of the smaller thinner pieces.  Wrap around snowman and secure using a double sided nail on the back side of body.

Cinnamon tree:  Use a cinnamon stick for the trunk and take a single strand of artificial greenery and wrap around stick.  Hot glue greenery to secure. Trim branches to form tree shape. Drill holes through body and wire tree onto snowman.

Star Accent:  Drill two holes through shoulder section of large snowman, also through center of star.  Wire star onto shoulder.  Cut a piece of wool for shawl and hot glue in place.  Hot glue a small amount of Spanish moss under star.

Noses and hearts are added using wood or craft glue.  Don't forget the scraps of homespun material around necks.

Hats:  You have two options, I love to dye a huge batch of old sock using Rit Dye (wine and dark green). It is a lot of work but very unique.  A tip on dying, use a whole cup of table salt and very hot water,I actually let it simmer on the stove almost all day.  Try to use socks with as much cotton as possible. You can always just use fleece instead.  Cut a piece of material wide enough to go around the head and hot glue the seam then tie a knot at the bottom.  Hot glue either the sock or fleece onto snowman.