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Christmas Crafts Early Bird Rooster

contributed by Free Wood Puzzles


3/4" wood
1/4" wood for wing
3/8" dowel, 5" long
Scoll saw
#5 scoll saw blade
3/8" drill bit
3/4" finish nail
Spray adhesive


Delta Ceramcoat:
Butter Yellow
Light Ivory
Old Parchment
DecoArt Americana
Country Red


Cut out pattern, leaving approx. 1/2" border and edge.
Apply spray adhesive to the pattern and apply to
wood. (or trace onto wood using carbon paper) Using scroll saw and #5 blade, saw out pattern.
Drill 3/8" hole, approx. 1/2" deep in chicken and

Base coat the body with black, the wing with black and the head with light ivory (see picture). Blend the Old Parchment color onto the bottom of the rooster's neck. Paint the beak Butter Yellow and and Country Red where picture shows. Add an eye in black. Using the wrong end of a fat paint brush, dip it into the Light Ivory and make dots on wing and tail. To make the squares, cut a small piece of sponge and dip into the Light Ivory paint. Dab on paper to get rid of most of the paint color, then add the squares on the rooster's tail.
When dry, coat rooster and stand with Folk Art Antiquing medium or stain, wiping it into the dried paint until you achieve your antique looking color.

Install wing with 3/4" finish nail. Install 3/8" dowel in chicken and base.

In three days, collect eggs!