Fall Scarecrow Pattern

What fun you'll have making this colorful and unique scarecrow! Use the template to create cutting lines for the wooden pieces and the color image for a color guide. Perfect for fall decorating in any room.

Use wooden dowels to support the scarecrow and as arms to hold the hands and support the shirt. You could use scrap fabrics to fashion shirt sleeves and overalls and stuff them with straw-colored raffia.

Fall Scarecrow Pattern

Click here to print the line drawing.

Click here to print "fall blessings" words pattern.

Transfer the line drawing to wood with carbon paper. Cut wood pieces and paint with craft paint. Add a dowel rod between the legs and a wood base to the other side of the rod.

Or just cut out the scarecrow's head and hands from wood. Fashion 2 dowel rods or strips of wood together in a T-format and attach to a wood base. Use fabric for his shirt and overalls. Repurpose an old sweater for his hat or use fleece or a stretchy fabric. Add raffia for hair and coming out of his overalls for feet.

Graphics by Cheryl Seslar Designs