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Christmas Crafts Oh My Stars

contributed by Front Porch Primitives


1/2" plywood for body and wings
3/4" pine scrap for heart
19 ga. wire
Two 3/4" screws
Two 1" screws
1 1/2" grapevine star
sawtooth hanger
staple gun
tacky glue
1/2" block stencil for wings
1/2" star stencil for wings
Stencil Brush


Trace angel body and wings pattern onto 1/2" plywood. Trace heart onto 3/4" pine.
Paint sides and fronts of each piece as follows:

Angel Face: Fleshtone
Angel Body: Prussian Blue
Wings: Parchment
Heart: Sonoma Wine

After paint dries, sand sides and front edges of all pieces heavily and surface lightly. Blush cheeks by lightly dipping stencil brush into sonoma wine paint. Brush most of the paint off the brush onto a paper towel and rub stencil brush over cheek area. Add
two small dots for eyes with black paint. Place 1/2" block stencil on wings and stencil with trail tan. When dry stencil two large stars on wings with raw sienna. You can make your own large star stencil with the pattern provided and blank stencil material by tracing star pattern on stencil material and cutting on traced line with an exacto knife. Or you may purchase your own. Speckle black paint on angel body and wings. Make sure you cover the angel's face to avoid speckling there.


Attach sawtooth hanger to top center back of wings. Cut a piece of 19 ga. wire about 6 inches long. Form a circle for the halo and wrap end of wire from circle around itself to secure. Bend remaining wire straight down and attach with a 3/4" staple and staple gun so the end of the wire and staple will be hidden by the wings. Attach wood heart with two 1" screws. Attach wings with two 3/4" screws or attach with 3/4" nails
and brad nailer. Glue grapevine star to heart and let dry completely.

Hang with Pride