Happy Holidays Snowman

Christmas crafts - Snowman craft ideas
Cold nose....warm heart! This snowman craft pattern is a fast and simple-to-make idea for Christmas. Snowmen are the coolest!

Happy Holidays Snowman - tole painting patterns for snowmen



Couple of different material scraps
Hot Glue
couple feet of jute
furniture button for nose
old sweater scrap - arm works best
rough pine or cedar wood
thin wire

Delta Ceramcoat Paint
Light Ivory
Christmas Green
Liquid Stain - Fruitwood



Tape the 2 pieces of the patterns together to make one pattern piece.

Cut the snowman and his Happy Holiday blocks out of wood - 1/2" wood if possible for the blocks. Cut 13 blocks for the Happy Holidays words - 1 1/2" tall by 1 1/4" wide.
Basecoat snowman with Light Ivory paint, then transfer the face pattern lines to the wood. Spackle (using old toothbrush) with watered down Black paint. Paint only the face of the blocks (not the sides or backs) - 7 of the blocks paint Maroon and the other 6 blocks paint Green. Spackle the snowman (using old toothbrush) with watered down Black paint. Spackle the blocks with watered down Light Ivory paint. When dry, rub a little stain lightly on all surfaces.


Paint snowman's nose Tangerine. Using a toothpick or stylus (or even the handle end of a paintbrush) and black paint, make 2 dots for the eyes. Paint his eyebrows and mouth with black. Use a little blush on each cheek.


Drill a hole in each snowman's hand where indicated on pattern - large enough to get a piece of jute through. Drill a hole in the top of each one of the blocks. Put a piece of jute through each hand, leaving enough slack to tie the blocks to. Tie a knot on the back of one hand in the jute - don't tie the other one til you are done in case it needs adjusting.

Using some thin wire, put the wire through the hole in the top of each block and twist it onto the hanging jute. Repeat with all the blocks til they are all attached and say Happy Holidays. Now using small pieces of ripped material, position the blocks where you want them and tie a piece of material tightly around the wire and jute, holding the whole block in place. Knot the material. Repeat for all blocks, using different pieces of material to do this. When you are finished, tie a knot in the jute behind the last hand of the snowman.

Rip a wider piece of material (about 14" long and 1 1/4" wide) and tie into a scarf around his neck.

If you want him to stand up by himself, cut a couple extra small blocks of wood and nail or glue to his back at the bottom. (or put him on a base of thin wood)


Use about 8" of a sleeve from an old sweater. (If the sweater arm is too large for his head, you can cut it on the seam and make a new seam - either sewn together or lightly hot glued together. Place the sleeve on the snowman's head so about 1" of the top of his head is covered by the sleeve. Hot glue onto his head all the way around. and fasten the end with a piece of jute.

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