Heart Mirror

Free crafts ideas and patterns - Heart Mirror

Designed by:

The Country Mercantile

by Michele Anderson



Delta Ceramcoat: Lavendar, Antique White, Apple Green

1/2" Birch plywood, 19 gauge wire, 7 1/2" square of mirror, mirror glue or epoxy for glass, 1/2" check stencil, Wallies Hydrangea flower, acrylic matte spray finish

Cutting Instructions:
Cut 8 1/2" x 9 1/2" piece from 1/2" plywood. Cut out center as shown. Drill holes as indicated. Sand all edges.

Painting Instructions:
Base frame ANTIQUE WHITE. Wash with LAVENDAR. Paint 1" around heart cut out on backside of frame using LAVENDAR. Stencil checks as shown with ANTIQUE WHITE. Highlight checks on left side with APPLE GREEN. Trim Wallie Hydrangea flower to fit right side of frame. Apply flower following package directions.

Glue mirror to back of heart frame. Add wire for hanger, curling wire as desired. Spray entire project with acrylic matte spray.

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