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Free arts crafts projects - Raggedy Ann pattern

Raggedy folk art fun! Add this free arts crafts project to your Raggedy collection.

Free arts crafts projects - Raggedy Ann pin free craft pattern

Designed by:

Jennie 'n Co.


  • Materials:

  • Scraps of unbleached muslin, plaid fabric and cotton batting
  • Natural quilting thread
  • Pigma Pen .03 - black
  • red embroidery floss or cotton crochet thread (hair)
  • small button
  • Barn Red acrylic paint
  • Powder blush
  • Hot glue
  • Pin back or safety pin
  • Q-Tip


Please read all instructions before beginning. To make tea- steep 6 small tea bags per cup of boiling water for about 15 minutes. Let cool.

Cut out collar and head pattern pieces. Sandwich cotton batting between 2 layers of plaid fabric. Make sure that right sides are on the outside. Pin collar pattern down and cut out through all layers. Using quilting thread, hand stitch around the outer edge (make sure you go through all layers, like a little quilt!)

Now, sandwich batting between 2 small pieces of muslin. Cut out and stitch the same as the collar.

Soak collar and head in tea until desired darkness. Pat most of tea out with a paper towel and let dry completely.

Draw her face on with black Pigma Pen. Let dry. (you may want to practice on a scrap of muslin first!) Fill in nose and lips with red paint. A sharp pencil or tip of a pin work great for this. If you have a one, a stylus is the best tool. Let paint dry completely. Blush cheeks with powder blush and Q-Tip. Lightly spray with spray net to fix blush.

Use red floss for hair. Pull floss through head at each marking on pattern. Knot and clip to about 1/2" long.

Hand tack or hot glue head to collar (see pattern drawing for placement).

Hand stitch button to collar. Stitch pin back to the back of the head.

You are done!! Feel free to add any personal touches.

c 1999 Jennie 'n Co.

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