Pumpkin Pattern - Free Wood Crafts

Halloween is just around the corner - this simple and quick hanging pumpkin pattern will be a hit!

Just A Pumpkin - Scroll saw patterns for Halloween and other fall craft patterns



  • Delta Ceramcoat Paint:
    Christmas green
    Liquid Stain - Fruitwood
  • DecoArt's Americana Paint:
    Burnt Orange
  • Raffia
  • green plaid material strip
  • 8" long 22 gauge wire for hanging
  • Hot Glue
  • thick plywood



Cut the pumpkin out of plywood (roughest side will be the front of your pumpkin). Drill a hole large enough for your wire to go through in the top of the pumpkin stem.

Basecoat the rough side of the wood with 2 coats of Burnt Orange. Paint the top stem of pumpkin Christmas Green mixed with a bit of black.

After paint dries, transfer the black pumpkin lines from the pattern onto the pumpkin with carbon paper. Use the black paint to draw the lines on the pumpkin, then use a little bit of water on a clean brush and brush over the black lines you just drew (it will smear the lines a bit). Blot most of the paint off the paintbrush and draw a line the width of the brush all around the pumpkin edges. Speckle the pumpkin with black paint if desired using an old toothbrush.

Rub stain lightly on all surfaces.


Bend the wire in half to make a loop and insert the wire in the hole in the pumpkin stem. Tie raffia on the wire and cut to desired length. Tie green plaid material above the raffia. I added a couple of pieces of grapevine borrowed from a small wreath.

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