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Miss Helga Herbs

contributed by
Just Friends by Monica Wilson

Accent Country Color Paints:
Adobe Wash - Bottom of dress, wings, legs, stripes on cheeks.
Light Flesh - Face
Black Green - Dress
Barn Red - Heart, cheeks, mouth.
Soft Black - Eyes, linework.
Tumbleweed - Checkerboard on bottom section of dress.
Fingerberry Red - Stripes on legs.

Checkerboard stencil
10" grapevine wreath
One 'N Only - brown fanci fiber hair
19 gauge wire
3" grapevine basket (hat)
Small flowers
Spanish moss
Sponge Brush
      #1 Liner brush
Hot glue gun
1/2" pine for body, heart
1/4"pine for wings
Two 9" - 3/4" dowel rods for legs

Cut and trace pattern on to wood.

  1. Basecoat all parts:
    Light Flesh - face
    Black green - dress
    Adobe Wash - bottom of dress, legs and wings
    Barn Red - heart
  2. Stripe legs with Fingerberry Red.  checkerboard the bottom of dress with Tumbleweed.
  3. Letter and dot letters with end of a 1" sponge brush using Adobe Wash.
  4. Dry brush cheeks Barn Red.  Dot eyes Soft Black.
  5. Stripe cheeks Adobe Wash using a #1 liner.
  6. Drill holes.  Attach legs with 19 gauge wire.
  7. Nail on heart/
  8. Sand off all edges.
  9. Antique with Apple Butter Brown.
  10. Glue on hair.
  11. Wood glue on wings and drill holes in wings for hanging.
  12. Staple on basket to head and glue on moss and flowers.
  13. Tear apart a 10" grapevine wreath and staple it around Helga.
This line drawing needs to be enlarged to fit an 8-1/2" by 14" paper.
Copyright © Monica Wilson 2000
May be used for fun and profit and teaching in class.
No mass or commercial reproduction without consent from Monica Wilson.
E-mail for any other questions. Thank you.