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Christmas Crafts Wet Mittens

contributed by Just Friends by Monica Wilson -

Accent Country Color Paints:
Soft Black - hat, lettering, eyes, and mouth.
Golden Harvest - Hat stripe
Adobe Wash - Sign, face, and stripes
Black Green - Sign boarder.
Fingerberry Red - Mittens, and dots on hat.
Barn Red - Cheeks.
Penn. Clay - Nose.


  1. Base coat entire piece allowing each color to dry before basing the other.
  2. Drybrush cheeks
  3. Paint nose
  4. Dot eyes and mouth stripe cheeks and line.
  5. Letter sign with liner and dot letters with end of a 1" sponge brush.
  6. Paint the stripe on the hat.
  7. Let dry and dot.
  8. Stripe mittens with a #5 flat
  9. Sand edges off and antique with apple butter brown (Folkart Plaid)
  10. Splatter with adobe wash and glue on piece of thermal material under his neck.
  11. Drill all holes and wire together
  12. Tie pieces of fabric on wire.
  13. Spray with matte finishing spray.

The line drawings need to be enlarged to fit an 8½" by 14" paper.

Copyright © Monica Wilson 2000
May be used for fun and profit and teaching in class.
No mass or commercial reproduction without consent from Monica Wilson.
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