Happy Easter

Free Easter basket craft ideas - Easter wood crafts

Easter is the only time when it's perfectly safe to put all your eggs in one basket!
Start your Easter decorating by painting this Easter wood craft pattern.

Free Easter basket craft ideas

Designed by:

Love Me Knots
by Susan Neal



Brushes: Royal Langnickel Brush Co.
Aqualon R2700 - 1" Glaze wash (for basecoating)
Aqualon 2250 - 5/0 Round (for details)
A Aqualon R2160 - 3/8", 5/8" and 1" Angular Shader


©2006 Susan Neal
May be used for fun & profit and teaching in class.
 No mass or commercial reproduction without consent of Susan Neal.

This project is particularily easy to cut.
It measures approx. 8" x 6".

This project is versatile; you could make it a box/basket and fill it with Easter goodies or napkins; or hang it with wire for a door or wall plaque. You could also put a stake on it and put it in your garden.

Painting Instructions:

Palette: Delta Ceramcoat Acrylic

Antique White      AC Flesh
Toffee Brown      Sachet Pink
Burgandy Rose      Spice Tan
Maple Sugar Tan      Wedgewood Blue
Norsk Blue      Vintage Wine
Dusty Plum      Burnt Umber

Cutting Instructions
3/4" Pine - Basket
1/8" Baltic Birch Plywood - Sign

Base basket AC FLESH. Base sign ANTIQUE WHITE. Base ribbon MAPLE SUGAR TAN.
Left egg: Base middle part ANTIQUE WHITE. Base bottom of egg and stripe above middle part WEDGEWOOD BLUE. Base top MAPLE SUGAR TAN.
Middle egg: Base middle part SACHET PINK. Base stripes on either side of middle ANTIQUE WHITE. Base each end DUSTY PLUM.
Right egg: Base middle part MAPLE SUGAR TAN. Base each end SACHET PINK.

Shade and line basket with TOFFEE BROWN. Add a little more shading and more lining with BURNT UMBER.Shade sign with AC FLESH. Then shade again and line with TOFFEE BROWN. Lettering on sign is with BURNT UMBER.
Left egg: Shade middle part with AC FLESH. Paint or stencil heart with SACHET PINK. Shade and line with BURGANDY ROSE. Shade blue parts with NORSK BLUE. Shade top part with SPICE TAN. Line above and below heart with NORSK BLUE.
Middle egg: Shade middle part of egg with BURGANDY ROSE. Paint squiggly lines with ANTIQUE WHITE. Shade white stripes with AC FLESH. Shade purple parts with VINTAGE WINE.
Right egg: Shade middle part with SPICE TAN. Lien with BURGANDY ROSE, dot with NORSK BLUE. Shade pink parts with BURGANDY ROSE. Paint white lines below and above middle with ANTIQUE WHITE.

Spray lightly with Delta Matte Finishing Spray. Glue sign onto basket.