Angel Crafts - Make a Noodle Angel Ornament

Make an Angel Ornament

Make a homemade noodle angel ornament for your Christmas tree. This little angel is made with noodles, paint and a thumbtack for her candle.
These are excellent craft show sellers and make great gifts that will be cherished on the Christmas tree year after year.

Noodle Angel (back)

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    Christmas Ornament Noodle Angel:


    Silicone glue

    Hot glue gun

    White thumb tack
    Red and black paint
    White spray paint
    Ragatoni noodle
    Macaroni noodles
    Bow tie noodles
    Tiny Acini di pepe pasta
    3/4" wooden ball head

1. For the body of the angel, use a ragatoni noodle. Glue the 3/4" round head ball with hot glue to the body.

2. Next take the acini di pepe pasta (or any tiny noodles you can find) for the hair and put them in a small dish. With a toothpick, put silicone glue on the angel's ball head where you want the hair to go. Leave the front side for her face. After the glue is on, hold the body and roll the head in the acini di pepe pasta in the dish. Make sure there are enough noodles on for the hair. Press noodles down firmly with your fingers or the toothpick.

3. If you want to hang the noodle angel on your Christmas tree, cut about a four inch piece of heavy thread. Fold the thread in half and with the toothpick, work the ends of your thread under the small hair noodles. Let everything dry well before continuing.

4. Use two macaroni noodles for her arms. Glue two bow tie noodles for her wings using the silicone glue. Also put the thumb tack, for her candlestick, on her arms. Let all of this dry before going on.

5. Now you are ready to spray paint the whole angel.

6. After the paint is dry, use the end of a paint brush or anything that will make a small mouth and eyes. With your paint brush, paint the tip of the thumb tack red.

7. Make a small red bow and glue under her neck.

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