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Christmas Crafts Happy Jack Cat-O-Lantern

contributed by One Prim Gal

Size: 4 x 6 in. May be used as ornie or sitter.

Please read supply list and all instructions before beginning.

Supply List

9 x 9 in. piece of harvest orange craft or wool felt
6 x 8 in. piece of black craft or wool felt, fold in half
1/2 x 12 in. piece of mustard homespun
1 in. prim rusty star; if unavailable, use wooden star or rusty jingle bell
1-1/2 in. long paper tag
Rusty wire
DMC #310, Black floss
DMC #Ecru floss
Fine-tip black marker
Needle-nose pliers
Tea solution in spray bottle for staining
Paper towel
General sewing supplies, including black thread


1. Trace and cut one pumpkin from single-ply harvest orange felt. Set aside.

2. Trace cat onto double-ply black felt. Sew cat with black thread on traced lines. Cut 1/4 in. from sewn lines. Turn right-side out. Stuff. Whipstitch bottom shut.

3. Cut a piece of DMC #310 (6 strands) floss 18 in. long. Use floss to sew a running stitch along the perimeter of the pumpkin, 1/4 in. from edge. Gather loosely.

4. Place cat in pumpkin. Stuff somewhat firmly around cat with fiberfill. Tighten gather until snug. Triple knot in back. Trim floss, tuck tail inside pumpkin. If need be, carefully continue to stuff front of pumpkin until all large creases disappear from fabric.

5. Cut a piece of DMC #Ecru (3 strands) floss 16 in. long. Use photo and pattern as guide for sewing face on cat. Make French knot for each eye. Wrap needle four times.

6. Cut a piece of DMC #310 (3 strands) floss 18 in. long. Use photo and pattern as guide for sewing nose and mouth on pumpkin. Cut a piece of DMC #310 (6 strands) floss 10 in. long. Make French knot for each eye. Wrap needle three times.

7. Cut a piece of 1/2 in. wide mustard homespun 12 in. long. Wrap around neck of cat twice, tie with knot on left-hand side. Trim ends to your liking.

8. Tea-stain or stain a 1-1/2 in. long tag. Let dry. Write "Cat-O-Lantern" on tag with fine-tip black marker. Set aside.

9. Cut a piece of rusty wire 12 in. long. Poke one end of wire through one side of pumpkin 1/4 in. away from edge. It may help to poke a hole with a large needle first. Bend wire 1 in. from end. Wrap up and around rest of wire until securely attached around edge of pumpkin. Attach wire to other side of pumpkin in same manner. This will form the handle of the pumpkin pail, which is to be used for hanging ornie.

10. Cut four or five pieces of rusty wire in random lengths. Wrap each piece around pumpkin pail's handle. Turn ends with pliers to form swirls.

11. Spray cat and pumpkin with tea. Blot excess liquid with paper towel.

12. Cut one more piece of rusty wire 6 in. long. Thread wire through the loop made near the base of the pumpkin pail's handle on right-hand side. Fold wire in half. Thread completed tag on wire. Bend wire to secure tag, wrap remaining wire around rusty star until secure as well. Turn ends with pliers to form swirls.

13. Hang to dry. Enjoy your ornie all autumn long!!

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