Ladybug Hugs

Wood crafts - easy garden project

This cute free pattern for wood crafts will be a start on your decorations for summertime! An easy garden craft project!

Ladybug Hugs - Free patterns wood crafts

Designed by:

Tammie's Oohs & Aahs
by Tammie Burneo



    1/2" Wood and 1/4" Wood
    1 Black pipe cleaner (cut in half)
    1 Blue child's wire hanger or (19 gauge wire)
    1 Black technical pen
    Wood Glue, and Hot Glue Gun
    Antique Maple Gel Stain
    1 Piece of red ribbon (for bow on ladybug) Hand full
    of Raffia (for bow on wire)

Tomato Spice
Charcoal Bungalow Blue
Light Foliage
Navy Blue

Cutting Instructions:

1/2" Wood: Ladybug and flower
1/4" Wood: Wings and hands

Wood Burning Instructions:

I always do my wood burning line work before I start to base paint my project.  If paint gets in any of the burned areas don't worry, I always go back over the lines with my wood burning tool to remove any unwanted paint after I'm done painting .

Painting Instructions:

1.   TOMATO SPICE:  Face, Wings and Hands
2.   CHARCOAL:  Arms
3.   BUNGALOW BLUE:  Top of flower
4.   IVORY:  Peddles of flowers
5.   MEDIUM FOLIAGE:  Leaves

6.   CHARCOAL:  Put Ladybug spots on face, wings and hands, Paint eyes, nose, mouth and put freckles on cheeks.
7.   LIGHT FOLIAGE:  Spatter leaves with old toothbrush.
8.   IVORY:  Put dots on flowers with your styles, paint eyes.
9.   NAVY BLUE:  Put dots on flowers with your styles.
10. BLACK TECHNICAL PEN:  Put the saying "Ladybug Hugs" on the flower.
11. SANDING:  Sand along the edges of the painted areas on all wood pieces.
12. ANTIQUE MAPLE STAIN GEL:  Stain along the edges you just sanded

13. GLUE:  Wings and arms to the Ladybug with Wood glue, Hot Glue Bow.
14. ATTACH:  Blue wire from hanger, Raffia bow and Black Pipe Cleaner.

I do hope you enjoy making "Ladybug Hugs". She is a cute addition to your summer decorations.
Happy Painting,