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Christmas Crafts Harvey Harvest Scarecrow

Paints: DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint:
Cashmere Beige * Honey Brown * Antique Green * Georgia Clay * Black Plum * Asphaltum * Plantation Pine * Red Iron oxide * Lamp Black * Dove Grey * Prussian Blue * Blue Green *

Brushes: Loew-Cornell "American Painter" Taklon

3/4 4550 Wash 1 4050 Script
6 4300 Shader 3 4000 Round
1/2 4400 Angular

1" Pine * 1/4" luan * Raffia * hot glue and gun * artificial pine * berry pics * homespun scraps * craft glue * 18 Gauge Black wire * Delta Home Decor Liquid Wood Stain Antique Oak * black permanent markers *

Cutting Instructions:
Cut Harvey, his arms and legs from 1" pine. Cut hat piece 1/4" luan. Sand smooth, wipe with a damp cloth.

Painting Instructions:
Face, hands and knee are Cashmere Beige. Hat and hat piece are Honey Brown. Shirt and sleeves are Black Plum. Pants are Blue Green. The patch is Antique Green , striped with Honey Brown and Dove Grey. The fraying around the knee is Dove Grey and Prussian Blue. Boots are Lamp Black. The corn is Honey
brown, the husks are Plantation Pine. The Pumpkin is Red Iron Oxide. The stem is Asphaltum.

Painting Details:
Dry brush cheeks Black Plum. Dot eyes Lamp Black. Nose is Red Iron Oxide. Line mouth and dash eyebrows with black permanent marker. Shade face, hands, knee and hat Asphaltum. Shade shirt and sleeves Lamp Black. Shade pants Prussian Blue. Shade corn husks Plantation Pine. Shade pumpkin Red Iron Oxide. Dot boots Dove Grey. Letter and dot pumpkin Lamp Black. Stain backs of
all pieces. Spray with matte finish.

Drill all holes as indicated on pattern. Cut snips of raffia and hot glue under hat piece, attach hat piece. Wire on arms and legs. Form a swag from pumpkin and ears of corn, wire to hands. Hot glue pine and berries behind swag. Finish with a homespun bow tied around neck.

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