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Christmas Crafts Snowflakes 5 Cents

Basecoat the body, arms and snowflake in Light Ivory. Sand when dry. Wipe with tack cloth.
Basecoat the mittens in Black Cherry. Sand when dry. Wipe with tack cloth.
Basecoat the sign in Prussian Blue. Sand when dry. Wipe with tack cloth.
Basecoat the nose in Terra Cotta. Sand when dry. Wipe with tack cloth.
Basecoat the coal buttons in Black. Sand when dry.
Float on the edges of the body, arms and snowflake with Chambray Blue.
Stipple the cheeks with Wild Rose.
Make Black dots for eyes and mouth. (You can use the round end of your paint brush or use a liner brush)
Using your flat/floater brush, float on the bottom of the nose with Spice Brown.
Using your stippler/scruffy brush, stipple the cuff of the mitten with Sonoma Wine, Black Cherry & Light Ivory. Float around the mitten in Sonoma Wine. Using a liner brush and Light Ivory paint, make the lines on the mittens for the snowflakes. Dot the snowflake with Light Ivory.
Using your liner brush, dry brush on the coal buttons with Light Ivory.
Using Light Ivory and a #4 flat brush, paint the letters on the sign. Make the snowflakes the same way on the sign as on the mittens.
Drill holes. Attach wire hanger to the sign. Attach the sign to the head.
Glue (and nail, if you wish) the pieces together. Using an old toothbrush, splatter paint with Black and Light Ivory. (clean the brush in between colors)
Glue and tie on ribbons and scarves.
Sign, Date and Enjoy!

Supply List

Ceramcoat by Delta paints
Light Ivory
Black Cherry
Prussian Blue
Terra Cotta
Chambray Blue
Wild Rose
Spice Brown
Somoma Wine

Tacky glue or wood glue
19 or 20 gauge black wire
wire cutter
drill and small drill bit
three 1” sponge brushes
eversand or very fine sand paper
tack cloth
Stippler/scruffy brush
Liner brush
#4 or #6 flat/floater brush
old toothbrush
Fabric scraps
Tracing & transfer paper, if needed
Water bin
Paint palette
Paper towels
Stylus or pencil
Wood cut outs of this pattern

Copyright 2011 Lily Hadrava. This design may be used for fun or profit or for teaching in a class. No mass or commercial reproduction.