Tommy the Scarecrow

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Folk art fun! This adorable free scroll saw pattern is a must for any scarecrow collector!

Scarecrow pattern

Pine Country Decor
by Lily Hadrava

Tommy the Scarecrow



Your favorite color of Oil Base Stain
Small amount of raffia
19 or 20 gauge wire
Wire cutters
Small wire curler (or the handle of a paint brush)
Green fabric scraps (one scrap approx. 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" and one scrap approx. 1" x 16")
Tacky glue or wood glue
Drill & drill bits (5/64" drill bit for sleeves/arms, hand and boots/legs and a 3/32" drill bit for the hole in the pumpkin stem: drill from side to side on the stem, not front to back.)
1 button
Water bin
Paint palette
Paper towels
Tracing & transfer paper
Old medium bristle toothbrush
Eversand or very fine sandpaper
Tack cloth
Sawtooth hanger
1/4" wood
1/2" wood
3/4" wood

Paints: Ceramcoat by Delta
Tompte Red
Spice Brown
Sonoma Wine
Golden Brown
Terra Cotta
Hunter Green
Seminole Green
Dark Burnt Umber
Midnight Blue
Black Green
Toffee Brown

Two to six -- 1" sponge brushes
A small liner brush
#6 or #8 flat/floater brush


Stain all wood pieces in your favorite oil based stain. Let dry for about 24 hours before painting.
Using the tracing paper, transfer paper and stylus, transfer the main pattern onto the wood. You do not need to transfer details yet.
Drill holes according to the pattern.

Basecoat the hat and the hat brim in Golden Brown.
Basecoat the face and hands in Sandstone.
Basecoat the pants in Midnight Blue.
Basecoat the shirt, the pocket, the sleeves and the nose in Tompte Red.
Basecoat the crow in Black.
Basecoat the boots in Spice Brown.
Basecoat the pumpkin in Terra Cotta.
Basecoat the leaf and the pumpkin stem in Hunter Green.
Remember to paint the sides as well as the fronts.

If you need more than one coat, let the first coat dry completely before applying the next coat.
When all of the paint is dry, sand each piece with the eversand (or very fine sandpaper) and wipe with the tack cloth.
Transfer on the details.

Float on the edges of the face with Toffee Brown.
Stipple the cheeks with Sonoma Wine.
Dot the scarecrow's eyes in Black using the end of a paint brush.
When the Black dot is dry, dot the scarecrow's eyes with Sandstone, using the large end of stylus.
Using the liner brush and Black paint, make the scarecrow's mouth.
Using the small end of the stylus, dot the top of each cheek with Sandstone.

Float on the bottom of the hat (just above the hat brim) and the bottom of the hat brim with Spice Brown.
Float on the top of the hat and on the top of the hat brim with Sandstone.
Using the liner brush, put lines of Spice Brown on the hat and the hat brim.
Dry brush a little Sandstone in a few areas on the hat and the hat brim.

Paint the crow's beak with Golden Brown.
Using the large end of the stylus, dot the crows eyes with Sandstone.
When the Sandstone is dry on the crow's eyes, dot the eyes with Black (using the small end of the stylus.)
When the beak is dry, put two little teardrops in Black on the beak for nostrils.
Float the top and the bottom of the pocket with Sonoma Wine.
Dry brush a little on one side of the pocket with Sandstone.

Sleeves and Hands
Float on the bottom of the sleeves with Sonoma Wine.
Float on the hands with Toffee Brown.

Pumpkin and Leaf
Float the pumpkin in Spice Brown.
Float the bottom of the stem and one side of the leaf in Black Green.
Float the other side of the leaf and the top of the pumpkin stem with Seminole Green.
Dry brush on the leaf with Seminole Green.
Put a line down the middle of the leaf with Black Green.

Float down the middle of the shirt with Sonoma Wine.
Using the end of a paint brush, dot the "buttons" on the shirt in Black.

Float the bottom of the pants and the waist in Black.
Float between the legs in Black.
Drybrush on the pants in Sandstone.

Float on the boots in Raw Umber.
Dot the "buttons" (or make lines for shoe laces) on the boots with Raw Umber.
Drybrush on the boots with Sandstone.

When all paint is dry, hammer the sawtooth hanger on to the back of the head of the scarecrow.
Wire the arms to the shirt leaving a little extra wire to curl.
Wire the boots to the legs leaving a little extra wire to curl.
(Push the wire through the holes of the arms/shirt and boot/legs from the back. Twist each wire once or twice and then curl the extra wire.)
Wire the leaf to the pumpkin. Make the little curly q's on the pumpkin by pushing and extra piece of wire through the hole and curling it on both ends.
Wire the pumpkin to the hand.
Glue the pocket to the shirt.
Glue the nose to the face.
Glue raffia to the back of the hat brim.
Tie the scarf around the scarecrow's neck and glue it. Trim as needed.
Glue the patch on the leg and glue a button on the patch.
Using the old toothbrush, splatter the whole piece in Black.

Sign, date and enjoy!


Copyright 2021 Lily Hadrava. Design may be used for fun or profit. This design may not be mass produced for the wholesale market without written permission. All rights reserved.