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Christmas Crafts "Trick or Treat" Bag

contributed by The Pumpkin Patch by Lori Cagle

Delta Ceramcoat Paint/Varnish
Black, Lichen Grey, Butter Cream, Burgundy Rose / Satin Varnish

4-3/4" length of 2x4 pine, Sanding pad and/or palm sander, fabric scrap.

Loew Cornell: 10/0 Liner, #4 Round
Stencil brush for spattering,  Foam brush

Painting instructions:
Paint entire block black. Sand entire block, heavily along edges. Transfer oval and horizon line to one side of block.

Sky: Paint Lichen Grey
Snow: Paint Butter Cream. When dry, sand lightly.

Transfer house and trees.
Trees: Black
House: Burgundy Rose,
Roof, windows, and door Black.

Transfer remainder of pattern.
Heart: Burgundy Rose
Lettering: Black
Striping: Stripe around top of oval Butter Cream. Dip dot Butter Cream snow in the sky.
Optional: Paint (To..., From..., and Date) on the back if you're giving as a gift.
Spatter scene lightly with Black.
Spatter entire block Lichen Grey.
When dry, varnish. Tie a rag strip around the block.