Snowman Chunky

Snowman - Free Pattern for Wood Snowman

This cute snowman can be displayed all winter long. Great for craft shows.


Designed by:

Pumpkin Patch Designs


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3/4" Wood
Micron Pen #005
Krylon Matte Spray
Itty Bitty Buttons - Green
527 Bond Glue

Loew-Cornell Angular - 1/2" and 3/4"
Loew-Cornell Flat - #2 and #4
Bette Byrd Scroller Liner - 6/0
Debbie Mitchell Stipplers - 1/8", 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2"

DecoArt Americana
Lt. Buttermilk
Country Red
Lt. French Grey Blue
Arbor Green
Canyon Orange
Uniform Blue
Warm White
Mink Tan
Delane's Cheek Color
Hilite Flesh
Burnt Sienna
Moon Yellow
Soft Blue
Mint Julep Green
Hauser Dark Green
Warm Black

Lt. Buttermilk: Snowman
White: White section of candy cane
Country Red: Red section of candy cane
French Grey Blue Lt.: Tassel and brim section of hat
Arbor Green: Scarf and center section of hat
Canyon Orange: Carrot nose

Shading and Highlighting
Uniform Blue: Shade left side of candy cane
Warm White: Line on right side of candy cane
Mink Tan: With a light float, shade snowman
Warm White: Highlight snowman
Delane's Cheek Color: Stipple cheeks
Hilite Flesh: Dots on cheeks
Burnt Sienna: Shade carrot nose
Moon Yellow: Highlight nose with thin line
Warm White: Extra highlight on nose
Warm Black: Eyes and mouth lines
Warm White: Highlight eyes
Uniform Blue: Shade blue portion of hat and tassel
Soft Blue: Stipple highlight on blue portion of hat
Warm White: Stipple a small area on Soft Blue for extra highlight
Mint Julep Green: Lines on scarf and green portion of hat
Warm White: In a small area, stipple extra highlight on hat and scarf

005 Micron Pen: All outlining

Krylon Matte Spray: Spray piece with several light coats
527 Glue: Glue buttons to snowman's stomach

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Copyright 2006 Beverly Kindred. Design may be used for fun or profit.
This design may not be mass produced for the wholesale market without written permission. All rights reserved.