Santa Claus Patterns

These fun and whimsical Santa patterns are perfect for ornaments, walls or mantel sitters. It's easy to reduce or increase the pattern size on your printer. Use balsa wood for lightweight ornaments or use plywood for larger, more durable pieces.

The seated Santa is ideal for a mantel sitter, and the standing Santa would make a perfect addition to a colorful wall plaque. Use acrylic paint or permanent markers to add color and detail, or use a wood burner for a rustic, natural appearance. Use a black or brown marker to color the edges, as it makes the figure really stand out on your wall.


Santa Claus Clipart

Click below to print the Santa line drawing.
Santa Claus Line Art - Line Drawing

To Hang: Transfer the line drawing to wood with carbon paper. Cut wood pieces and paint with craft paint. Assemble Santa and add hanging wire.

Graphics by Cheryl Seslar Designs