Snowman Patterns - Snowman Ornament

Snowman Pattern

A free craft idea for a snowman Christmas tree ornament.

Snowman Patterns

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Christmas Craft Freebies

    Snowman Pattern:


    Delta Ceramcoat Paint:
    Butter Yellow

    22 gauge wire for hanging
    thin piece of wood - 1/4" thick or less works best as an ornament
    (actually body could be thicker, but thin wood for nose and hat brim)

    12" by 1/2" long scrap of material
    2 purchased wood stars - 1/2" and 1.25" stars

Cut the body, hat brim and nose out of wood. Paint the face part of the snowman's head Ivory. Paint the hat part of head and the hat brim Black. (leave the section unpainted on the head where the hat brim will be glued on. It will adhere better) Paint the nose Orange and the stars both Butter Yellow. When the hat Black is dry, add the Maroon stripe above where the hat brim will be glued. Outline nose with black (see snowman pattern or large photo).

Using sandpaper, distress the edges of the hat and hat brim just enough to take some paint off. Use sandpaper on the edges of the face also.

Glue hat brim onto snowman's head using hot glue. Glue large star onto hat. Glue button onto star.

Using a stylus or toothpick, make dots as shown for the eyes, draw the eyebrows with a fine black pen or use paint. Just holding the nose in place, add blush or use diluted orange paint with a stiff brush and pounce on. (You can also use makeup blush.) Then glue the nose on.

Drill one or two holes at the very top of the head and add wire for hanging. Hot glue a bow you make from the 12" x .5" material - be sure the bow is placed so it will cover where the snowman's mouth would be. Hot glue a tiny star in the center.

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