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Christmas Crafts "Sticks" Scarecrow


Delta Ceramcoat Paint:
Light Ivory
Medium Flesh
Christmas Green
Liquid Stain - Fruitwood

DecoArt Americana Paint:
Burnt Orange
Willliamsburg Blue
Burnt Umber

5" or 5 1/4" straw hat
grapevine from a wreath
2 scraps of material for patches
20" x 5" Material for scarf
Hot Glue
pine wood or plywood


Match up the 2 pattern pieces for the scarecrow's body - tape them together where indicated.
Cut all pieces out of wood. Basecoat the scarecrow's body with Williamsburg Blue paint and his head with Medium Flesh. Basecoat the 2 sign pieces with Light Ivory. Basecoat the
pumpkins in Burnt Orange and paint the pumpkin stems with Christmas Green. Paint one side of the stick for the signs with Burnt Umber.


Cut 2 scraps of material, one 1" square and one 1 1/2" square. Hot glue them to his body and add a button on one patch. (See photo for placement) Hot glue the pumpkins to the bottom of the body. Place the pumpkins even with the left side and the bottom of the scarecrow's body.
Tie the scarf material around his neck and hot glue in place.
Hot glue the 2 signs onto the stick. Glue the stick to the pumpkins at an angle away from the body (stick will be even with the bottom of the scarecrow body). Wrap a few pieces of
grapevine from a small wreath (disassemble the wreath and use the grapevine) from the top of the stick to the bottom of the stick and hot glue in place, if desired.
Transfer all the pattern lines to the wood with carbon paper. Paint his eyes and mouth with Black and nose with Maroon. Paint the lines on the pumpkins with black or use a fine flair
pen. Paint the words on the sign or use a medium flair pen. Spackle all the wood pieces (using old toothbrush) with watered down Black paint. Rub stain lightly on all surfaces.


Take small chunks of raffia (10 to 15 strands about 17 inches long) and knot them in the middle. Use about 4 sets of raffia tied in the middle 17" long and one more set about 10" long for bangs. While holding the hat on his head as in the picture, put hot glue on the knot of one of the 17" long raffias. Glue it inside at the very center of the hat. Working your way forward, hot glue the other 3 long sets in front of the first one, only putting hot glue on the knotted parts of the raffia.

Now hot glue the hat to his head as in the picture. Glue the last set of raffia (the 10" one) between the hat and his head, with the knot showing. Trim all the raffia with scissors until he is similiar to the picture. If needed, make a few more small sets of raffia and glue between the hat and head to fill in.
Stand the scarecrow up on your mantel, or staple a piece of wire bent for a hanger to the back of the scarecrow.