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Christmas Crafts Gingerbread Lamp

contributed by © 2014 Tin Lizzie Designs

Palette: Decoart Americana

Celery Green Black Plum
Buttermilk Asphaltum
Milk Choclate Plantation Pine
Rookwood Red Warm White
True Ochre Lamp Black
Antique Maroon


Chamber Lamp...I buy these at the dollar stores and Walmart at Christmas time
Small Lamp Shade.(approx 4-5 inches across at bottom)
transfer paper
soft dry cloth(like a diaper)
Decoart multi purpose sealer
homespun fabric
foam brush
ultra fine black sharpie
Decoart americana matte spray sealer

Preparation: Apply multi purpose sealer to lamp with foam brush. If lamp shade is one of the slick ones you will want to apply the sealer to it also. let dry thoroughly. the sealer gives the item "tooth" so that the paint will stick without chipping or peeling.

Paint Instructions:

Basecoat base of lamp with Lamp Black. Let dry. Apply Antique Maroon over the Black allowing some of the black to show through for an aged appearance. Dip a clean cloth in small amount of Asphaltum. Rub on lamp stick wiping off and reapplying until you get the aged appearance that you desire. After all paint is dry, spray with several coats of matte spray sealer letting dry between each coat.

Shade: Base shade inside and out with Lamp Black. This prevents light to shine through causing a blotchy appearance. Let dry. Base over black with several coats of Celery Green. Hold up to a light to make sure that shade is covered and no light shows through. Using clean, soft rag, dip rag in small amount of Asphaltum. Wipe on shade as you did the candlestick. Continuing wiping on/off until you get the aged appearance that you want. Let dry. Transfer pattern to shade.

Candy Cane: Basecoat stripes alternately with Buttermilk and Rookwood. Shade bottom of Buttermilk stripes with Asphaltum and bottom of red stripes with Black Plum. Highlight down middle of cane with Warm White. Using sharpie, outline cane with short, squiggly lines.

Tree: Trunk and limbs are Milk Chocolate. Needles are Pine Green. Using Warm White apply "snow" to the top of some of the limbs using squiggly lines. The star is True Ochre. Shade right side of star with Asphaltum. Highlight left side of star with Warm White. Using sharpie outline star with short, squiggly lines.

Gingerbread: Base with Milk Chocolate. Shade around edges with Asphaltum. Icing is Buttermilk. Eyes and buttons are Lamp Black. Outline with sharpie with short, squiggly lines.

Snow dots: I dipped the end of a toothpick in Warm White and dotted in various places on the shade:

To finish: Let all paint dry. Spray lightly with 2-3 coats of matte spray sealer. If using a sharpie to outline objects in pattern you will want to use the matte sealer and spray lightly each time so that the sharpie does not run or bleed. Put shade on lamp. Cut fabric into approx. 1 1/2 inches wide x 10 inches long and tie in a bow at base of lamp.