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Christmas Crafts God Bless You Season To Season

contributed by Primitive Blessings by Twigs N Sprigs

Stitchery Directions

by Tiffany "Twigs" Carnal ©2002

This stitchery is approx. 8 1/2 X 11

Muslin: Cut 1 layer of muslin 16x10 inches & 1 layer of Warm & Natural.
You may wish to use 2 layers of muslin, or flannel or a layer of felt, to give it that extra layer to where you don't have your stitchin' showing through.

Trace pattern onto top layer of muslin, using a Mark B Gone Pen.

I use 2 strands of Dmc Floss for all my stitchin'.
1 strand if it is very small detailing.

*NOTE*: If you are going to color in your stitchery, stitch detailed items such as eyes, noses, plaids on dresses, stars on flags & words on dresses after you have painted that specific area.

Twig Arms on Snowman: Backstitch with
Dmc Floss # 838 Very Dark Beige Brown

Heart on vase, some of the flowers, stripes on flag, Watermelon:
Backstitch with Dmc Floss # 902 Very Dark Garnet

Some of the flowers, Snowman: Backstitch with
Dmc Floss # 613 Very Light Drab Brown

Blue Section of Flag & Words: Backstitch with
Dmc Floss # 823 Dark Navy Blue

Seeds in watermelon, Crow, Snowman eyes, eyebrows, mouth & buttons:
Backstitch with Dmc Floss # 310 Black

Flower Pot, Punkin & snowman nose: Backstitch with
Dmc Floss # 400 Dark Mahogany

Stars, some of flowers: Backstitch with Dmc Floss # 729 Medium Old Gold

Flower Stems, bottom of Watermelon & stitches dividing seasons: Backstitch with
Dmc Floss # 319 Very Dark Pistachio Green

Bead Eyes: Stitch beads for eyes with matching thread.

Fabric Dyin'
Dye stitchery with Coffee, Tea, or vanilla mixture & let dry.

I only use Deco-Art Paints
I only use the following Loew-Cornell Fabric Brushes.
Loew-Cornell, Series 225: ½, ¼ (to fill in majority of the coloring)
Loew-Cornell, Series 224: ¼, ½
(for those tight areas or side by the stitches)
Loew-Cornel, Series 227: 0, 2 (for the details)

If you choose to color your stitchery,
use a dry-brush method to paint the following.

Watermelon: Dry brush with Rockwood Red DA97

Snowman & stripes on flag: Dry brush with Buttermilk DA3

Capital letters, blue section of flag:

Dry brush with Deep Midnight Blue DA166

Crow: Dry brush with Lamp Black DA67

Flower Pot & Punkin, snowman nose: Dry brush with Terra Cotta DA62

Stars: Dry brush with Antique Gold DA9

Watermelon rine: Dry brush with Hauser Dark Green DA133

Now you are either ready to sew your stitchery into a pillow, wall hanging or frame in a picture frame.